3 ways motorized window treatments will improve your home

When you think about the modern smart home, and all the benefits that it can bring, it’s easy to be distracted by all the high-tech entertainment and the ultra-sophisticated security systems. While these are great, it’s important not to ignore some of the more practical aspects of home automation, and how these can make day-to-day life much easier. Motorized window treatments are a great example – they may not have that wow factor, but they offer some fantastic benefits to your home.

Audio One can design a motorized shading system for you, custom-made to fit your property. Over time it’ll prove to be a fantastic investment for your home, and for your family. If you’re looking to add Altex motorized window shades to your home in the Greater Toronto Area, we can help – and here are just some of the benefits:

Enjoy complete privacy

The biggest reason for adding blinds of any kind to your home is also the simplest – giving you privacy by blocking the view from outside. How many times have you stepped out of the shower and into your bedroom only to realize the shades are open, leaving you to dash to close them before anyone sees? With Altex shades, it’s not a problem – use a handheld remote, a smartphone or a tablet to close them from distance, so you can protect your modesty.


You can also add ‘scenes’ into your system, essentially programs that run automatically to match your routine. A ‘morning’ scene may gradually open the shades to wake you gently with natural lighting, while an ‘away’ scene might open and close the blinds while you’re on holiday, to give the impression you’re at home. In more modern homes, these motorized shades are a necessity, particularly with larger windows that can be hard to access manually.

Prevent damage from the sun

How many times have you considered the damage sun can do to delicate upholstery, or treasured family photos? Whether it’s something you’ve thought about or not, you no longer need to rearrange your space to accommodate the moving sun with motorized blinds. Take out the guesswork with a sun sensor, which can detect when the sunlight is most harsh and close your blinds automatically, so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive fabrics and photographs are protected.

Save money and energy

More than any other smart feature in your home, motorized window treatments are an investment with a direct return – they will save you money in the long run. For many homes, particularly larger properties, the most expensive feature is the air conditioning system. Maintaining a temperature throughout a large property is costly – but shading solutions can bring this cost right down.

During the summer, the shades will close to cool the house down as necessary, whilst being open for as long as possible to allow for as much natural light to enter the home. During the cooler months, the shades can be optimized to let in more heat, while the fabric of the blinds helps to insulate the home too.

Do you want to incorporate automated shades in your Toronto home, or add a full Altex window shades system to your Toronto property? Contact Audio One for a custom-built system to meet your needs.


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