control-4-848X335These days it seems like there’s a new smart product released every day. From thermostats to lighting, cameras to locks and even humidifiers and motorized window shades, there’s loads of technology out there. But is it all worth the investment? What is essential, and what is just a gimmick? The professionals at Audio One can help you understand all the latest tech, and work out just what is best for your home automation needs in Vaughan, Toronto.

Making sure you get the best quality

For every type of smart home product, there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from. Some are good, while some are cheap, made to take advantage of those with little knowledge by cluttering the market. At Audio One we can advise you on which are the best products available so that your system isn’t let down by poor-quality tech. We also work with Control 4 for your smart home needs, as their systems are compatible with a wide range of products. So you know that your system is as versatile and reliable as can be.

Install only what you need

With so many products available that can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or remote control, how do you know which ones you really need? We help by going through a consultation with you, breaking down all the products available and helping you to make informed decisions on what you want your smart home to include. And with our extensive wiring and programming, it’s easy to add new products in the future if you change your mind and want to extend your system.

Create a reliable system

In your smart home, your entire security, lighting and audio/visual tech are placed within one system, so that it can work together. This is where the DIY approach has the biggest problems – either you’re creating a wired system, which can involve a huge amount of rewiring, or you’ll be using a wireless connection.

For the latter, suddenly you’ve doubled or tripled the workload of your Internet router. Can it handle it, or is the system just waiting to crash and fail? That’s where we can help, as we’ll always ensure you’ve got the proper setup to handle all that wireless data, or if you’re using wired connections we professionally and safely take care of the wiring. We’ll always future-proof your system too, so you can upgrade it and add more as you desire without overloading it.

Enjoy quick, reliable service

At Audio One, we stand out as much for our service as we do our amazing products. Let’s face it, even the best technology can sometimes encounter a glitch, but we’re always here to help quickly and efficiently. We maintain your code files at all times, so any future maintenance is simple, and by working with a professional you know you’re always kept up-to-date with the latest upgrades you could use.

Let us handle all the work, while you enjoy the benefits of a smart home! Contact Audio One to find out how to bring a smart home control system to your property. We’re certified Control 4 installers in Vaughan, Toronto.



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