Whether it’s the morning commute, you’re at the gym or you’re in the office, you take music with you wherever you go. So why would you neglect your home audio system, when instead you could integrate music throughout your property? From the moment you enter your home, with the smart home installation you can ensure you enjoy fantastic audio, with the option to add different playlists for different rooms or to have a dedicated listening room with high fidelity, studio-quality sound.


Set the scene for family dinner


Picture it: it’s getting late on a Sunday afternoon and your relatives are starting to arrive for a big family dinner. They’re welcomed in the living room with a gentle soundtrack to match the half-lowered shades and soft lighting. They then filter into your dining room, with gentle jazz and low lights for the adults, and a separate area with brighter lights and funkier music for the kids. Afterwards, everyone congregates in the kitchen for drinks with a more upbeat tune. With a whole-home audio system, you can set the perfect mood in every room with just the touch of a button.


Create a full soundscape in your listening room


Once the family has left, you can retire to your dedicated listening room for a nightcap. Fully textured sound fills the room, making you feel like you’re actually in the studio with your favourite artists. And with the addition of a drop-down screen, your room becomes a private home theater with cinematic surround sound, immersing you in epic movies. All it takes is a few simple commands on your smartphone, tablet or remote control.


Are you ready to experience the benefits of whole-home audio? Contact Audio One to get started on your home automation installation in Vaughan.


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