home theatre (1)The best uses for your private home theater

When deciding whether a new purchase is worthy of your investment, it’s important to think about how much you’ll use it. Everyone has that pair of shoes buried at the back of the closet that they wore once, or that kitchen gadget that sounded great in the infomercial but is now gathering dust. The same is true of bigger purchases for your home, especially private home theaters. If you love movies, then the decision is a no-brainer, but no matter what your viewing habits, here at Audio One we can help you make the most of your home theater in your Vaughan, Toronto home.

Host the ultimate movie marathon

Invite your friends and family, break out the popcorn maker and settle in to enjoy a fantastic movie marathon. Whether it’s a Halloween scare-a-thon, a girly night of rom-coms or an epic Star Wars geek-out, the comfortable seating, immersive audio and crisp, vibrant images of a home theater mean you’ll not want to leave the room for hours.

Stream the latest boxsets

Home theaters are where you can give those amazing TV boxsets the big screen treatment, so it doesn’t just have to be about movies. We make sure your private home theater has a reliable Wi-Fi connection, meaning you can stream to your heart’s content without fear of lagging or buffering.

Keep up with the latest sports action

Whether you’re following the Maple Leafs, the Blue Jays or the Raptors, watching the latest sports on a 120” screen puts you right at the heart of the action. You could even install multiple screens, or ensure you choose a projector with split-screen technology, to let you follow multiple games at once. With smart controls, making sure you’ve got the right source component and channel selected is a piece of cake, so you’ll never miss a key moment.

Create the perfect gaming den

Console gaming has become so much more sophisticated, and with the latest releases available in epic 4K quality, a private home theater offers the ideal setup. We make it easy to hook up your favorite games console, letting you enjoy amazing titles on a massive screen. The more immersive visuals and sound even give you an advantage as you get a better sense of the surroundings, so your online opponents will be left cursing your victory. Parents needn’t worry about kids gaming too long either – smart controls let you shut off the theater from anywhere in the house when it’s time for some fresh air.

We can setup a custom home theater system for your Toronto home. Get in touch with Audio One today to set up a consultation, and to find out about our professional home theater installation service.





Whether it’s the morning commute, you’re at the gym or you’re in the office, you take music with you wherever you go. So why would you neglect your home audio system, when instead you could integrate music throughout your property? From the moment you enter your home, with the smart home installation you can ensure you enjoy fantastic audio, with the option to add different playlists for different rooms or to have a dedicated listening room with high fidelity, studio-quality sound.


Set the scene for family dinner


Picture it: it’s getting late on a Sunday afternoon and your relatives are starting to arrive for a big family dinner. They’re welcomed in the living room with a gentle soundtrack to match the half-lowered shades and soft lighting. They then filter into your dining room, with gentle jazz and low lights for the adults, and a separate area with brighter lights and funkier music for the kids. Afterwards, everyone congregates in the kitchen for drinks with a more upbeat tune. With a whole-home audio system, you can set the perfect mood in every room with just the touch of a button.


Create a full soundscape in your listening room


Once the family has left, you can retire to your dedicated listening room for a nightcap. Fully textured sound fills the room, making you feel like you’re actually in the studio with your favourite artists. And with the addition of a drop-down screen, your room becomes a private home theater with cinematic surround sound, immersing you in epic movies. All it takes is a few simple commands on your smartphone, tablet or remote control.


Are you ready to experience the benefits of whole-home audio? Contact Audio One to get started on your home automation installation in Vaughan.


control-4-848X335These days it seems like there’s a new smart product released every day. From thermostats to lighting, cameras to locks and even humidifiers and motorized window shades, there’s loads of technology out there. But is it all worth the investment? What is essential, and what is just a gimmick? The professionals at Audio One can help you understand all the latest tech, and work out just what is best for your home automation needs in Vaughan, Toronto.

Making sure you get the best quality

For every type of smart home product, there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from. Some are good, while some are cheap, made to take advantage of those with little knowledge by cluttering the market. At Audio One we can advise you on which are the best products available so that your system isn’t let down by poor-quality tech. We also work with Control 4 for your smart home needs, as their systems are compatible with a wide range of products. So you know that your system is as versatile and reliable as can be.

Install only what you need

With so many products available that can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or remote control, how do you know which ones you really need? We help by going through a consultation with you, breaking down all the products available and helping you to make informed decisions on what you want your smart home to include. And with our extensive wiring and programming, it’s easy to add new products in the future if you change your mind and want to extend your system.

Create a reliable system

In your smart home, your entire security, lighting and audio/visual tech are placed within one system, so that it can work together. This is where the DIY approach has the biggest problems – either you’re creating a wired system, which can involve a huge amount of rewiring, or you’ll be using a wireless connection.

For the latter, suddenly you’ve doubled or tripled the workload of your Internet router. Can it handle it, or is the system just waiting to crash and fail? That’s where we can help, as we’ll always ensure you’ve got the proper setup to handle all that wireless data, or if you’re using wired connections we professionally and safely take care of the wiring. We’ll always future-proof your system too, so you can upgrade it and add more as you desire without overloading it.

Enjoy quick, reliable service

At Audio One, we stand out as much for our service as we do our amazing products. Let’s face it, even the best technology can sometimes encounter a glitch, but we’re always here to help quickly and efficiently. We maintain your code files at all times, so any future maintenance is simple, and by working with a professional you know you’re always kept up-to-date with the latest upgrades you could use.

Let us handle all the work, while you enjoy the benefits of a smart home! Contact Audio One to find out how to bring a smart home control system to your property. We’re certified Control 4 installers in Vaughan, Toronto.


Choosing the right screen for your private home theater

Installing a private home theater is all about enjoying that big-screen experience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the latest blockbuster movie, your favorite TV shows or the Raptors game, it’s all just so much better on a massive screen. As you start looking for the best equipment to kit out your new theater – from Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers for epic surround-sound, to 4K Ultra HD projectors – it’s important that you don’t skimp when it comes to your screen. You also need to realize that bigger isn’t always better.


The perfect size screen

One of the major advantages of a private home theater in your Toronto home is those larger-than-life images that only a huge screen can give you, but you need to be careful when you choose the one for you. You want to go big, but not so big that it ruins the enjoyment. There are three main things to consider when thinking about screen size:

1 – Space limitations.
This tends to be more of an issue for height than with width – most people think about screen width, but the height can be more of a problem. You don’t want your screen to go all the way to the floor – you may have a central speaker that needs to sit under the screen, and in bigger rooms the bottom of the screen will be hidden for anyone not sat in the front row. Just as you wouldn’t have a TV on the floor, it’s not a natural viewing angle. You should have at least three feet of space under the screen for optimal viewing.

2 – Seating distance.
You want to think about the length of the room, and where your seats will be positioned. If you’re too close to the screen, the image quality will suffer and may look pixelated. Plus, you’ll have to keep moving your eyes to take in the entire picture – no good when it’s a full-blown action scene with lots to see. For a 120” screen, you should make sure you’re sat at least 12 feet away.

3 – Projector quality.
The bigger the screen, the better your projector needs to be – a cheaper model might say it can handle 120”, but the image won’t be as bright and it can look washed out. Make sure you check with a professional to see which size of screen will work best with your chosen projector.

Finding the right material and color

Once you’ve decided on the size of your screen, it’s time to consider the material and color. Starting with the color, it depends on the lighting of your room. If your private home theater has been optimized to reduce light, then a traditional white screen will be ideal. If you know that ambient light is inevitable, choose a darker screen to aid the image brightness.

Material is only an issue if you want to use a rear-speaker setup, with speakers hidden behind the screen. Choosing a screen that doesn’t let sound through will only give you muffled audio. Instead, look for woven or perforated screens to ensure that every explosion or dramatic soundtrack is crisp and booming.

Extending the functionality of your screen

If you’re investing in a private home theater in your Vaughan home, you’re going to want to get more out of it than the occasional movie night. Your screen needs to be versatile enough to handle TV shows, sports games and console gaming too. These all use a 16:9 viewing format, while movies are usually played on a 2:40:1 aspect ratio. Rather than having two separate screens, or warping images by choosing only one aspect ratio and sticking to it, opt for masking technology, which can add a black border to adjust the screen to the ratio you need.

If you’re ready to commit to the ultimate big-screen experience, make sure you do it right. Contact Audio One to find out which screen would work best for you, and to find out more about professional home theater installation.


3 ways motorized window treatments will improve your home

When you think about the modern smart home, and all the benefits that it can bring, it’s easy to be distracted by all the high-tech entertainment and the ultra-sophisticated security systems. While these are great, it’s important not to ignore some of the more practical aspects of home automation, and how these can make day-to-day life much easier. Motorized window treatments are a great example – they may not have that wow factor, but they offer some fantastic benefits to your home.

Audio One can design a motorized shading system for you, custom-made to fit your property. Over time it’ll prove to be a fantastic investment for your home, and for your family. If you’re looking to add Altex motorized window shades to your home in the Greater Toronto Area, we can help – and here are just some of the benefits:

Enjoy complete privacy

The biggest reason for adding blinds of any kind to your home is also the simplest – giving you privacy by blocking the view from outside. How many times have you stepped out of the shower and into your bedroom only to realize the shades are open, leaving you to dash to close them before anyone sees? With Altex shades, it’s not a problem – use a handheld remote, a smartphone or a tablet to close them from distance, so you can protect your modesty.


You can also add ‘scenes’ into your system, essentially programs that run automatically to match your routine. A ‘morning’ scene may gradually open the shades to wake you gently with natural lighting, while an ‘away’ scene might open and close the blinds while you’re on holiday, to give the impression you’re at home. In more modern homes, these motorized shades are a necessity, particularly with larger windows that can be hard to access manually.

Prevent damage from the sun

How many times have you considered the damage sun can do to delicate upholstery, or treasured family photos? Whether it’s something you’ve thought about or not, you no longer need to rearrange your space to accommodate the moving sun with motorized blinds. Take out the guesswork with a sun sensor, which can detect when the sunlight is most harsh and close your blinds automatically, so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive fabrics and photographs are protected.

Save money and energy

More than any other smart feature in your home, motorized window treatments are an investment with a direct return – they will save you money in the long run. For many homes, particularly larger properties, the most expensive feature is the air conditioning system. Maintaining a temperature throughout a large property is costly – but shading solutions can bring this cost right down.

During the summer, the shades will close to cool the house down as necessary, whilst being open for as long as possible to allow for as much natural light to enter the home. During the cooler months, the shades can be optimized to let in more heat, while the fabric of the blinds helps to insulate the home too.

Do you want to incorporate automated shades in your Toronto home, or add a full Altex window shades system to your Toronto property? Contact Audio One for a custom-built system to meet your needs.

Gifting ideas for Father’s Day


grado-768x768 (1)Unsure of what to gift your dad this Father’s Day? Stop stressing and head on over to Audio One, we’ve got that perfect item to add to his entertainment collection. Audio One has a fantastic selection of products, plus you don’t have to worry about installation. Audio One installs home theatrehome automationsecurity & surveillance and outdoor audio & lighting products. We can guarantee you; your dad will definitely love these gifts.


  1. LG OLED 4K TV

LG has taken televisions to a whole new level with their latest LG 8 series OLED TVs. This TV is equipped with artificial intelligence and has the Google assistant built in. You can now have your TV at the centre of your smart home. Get ultimate picture quality thanks to LG’s a9 Intelligent Processor. Whether your dad loves movies or sports or both, rest assured your dad will surely love watching this TV.


Handmade headphones brought to you by the Grado family, since 1953 are made from Mahogany wood, which is cured to ensure consistency and great sound. In order to prevent corrosion on connectors, the Grado family uses Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal found on earth. These beautiful, classic headphones produce a clean and premium sonic experience.


Sonos has made it really simple to build your own whole-home audio system. Enjoy high-quality sound throughout your house; you can even set these up in the bathroom or outdoor areas. Control the music either through the Sonos App or use voice control thanks to the built-in Amazon Alexa feature. The future of home audio is here.



With the outdoor TV, dad will never have to choose between a backyard BBQ with the family or game nights with the boys. This is a great addition to the patio. Rain, sun or snow the TV stays protected thanks to SunBriteTV’s powder coated aluminium case. Get 4K Ultra HD picture quality and 30% brighter pictures even though its outdoors.



Upgrade dad’s old amplifier to the latest receivers or amplifiers from Anthem. To make the deal even sweeter, bring in that old equipment and receive 20% off. The new STR Integrated Amplifier is the most technologically advanced amplifier giving you more power, control and connection options. Our experts at Audio One will help you choose the right product based on your needs.




Audio-One-Smart-Home-Installtion (1).png

The tides are changing and when it comes to smart home installation; it is evident that the future is already here. The term ‘smart home’ is no longer hype. Today, consumers are being confronted with home automation systems that offer a higher level of convenience compared to antiquated modes of control such as handheld remotes.

Thanks to new automated systems, the ability to control anything is right at the customer’s fingertips. Often, customers do not even need to press any buttons much to the delight of many consumers. Aside from helping to control the TV, home automated systems can also be used for a number of other applications including controlling lights, security devices, lawn sprinklers, thermostats, as well as motorized window treatments and much more. As the technology continues to grow, home-automated systems of the future are expected to make life a whole lot easier.

Ten years ago, the idea of controlling your home remotely via a home automated system would have been unfathomable but it is clear that these automated systems are not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, the artificial intelligence technology that makes devices smart continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and this year holds even more promise for more advanced automated systems to enter the market. Whether you need to tech up your space with a smart coffee machine or something else entirely, the advantages of smart home installation include:



The convenience factor supplied by various home automation applications is considerable. Because all the technology in your home can be controlled through a single interface, home automation applications allow you to tap into countless functions throughout your home. Depending on the parameters set by the professional smart home installer, individuals can keep their spaces comfortable while being mindful of the energy use.


When you incorporate smart security and surveillance technology such as smart locks, motion detectors and automated door locks in your home, your home security can be heightened and you can be able to monitor events in real time even when you are across the globe. When the security parameters work hand in hand with home automated systems, customers can and will enjoy an even higher level of security.


Because automated applications make traditional devices function a lot better, functionality in the home and the ability to seamlessly execute mundane tasks such as cooking dishes to perfection will be improved significantly. Home automated systems also help users to keep tabs on everything that is happening at home so that they can respond appropriately whenever necessary.

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